Cool Beans Foods

Fabalicious Foods is focused on pulses:  We use chickpeas, chickpea cooking water (why throw it away? called aqua faba, it's a great replacement for eggs), red beans, soy beans, and the list goes on.  We make sauces, stews, bean burgers, spreads, all from the bounty of the Bean.  All 100% plant-based of course.

Fred's Vegan, grounded in comfort food, offers a line of go-to sauces such as tartare, andalouse, and good old fashioned mayo, as well as familiar favorites like frikandel.

Cool Beans Foods, grounded in health food, offers a line of ready-to-eat freshly stewed beans, minimally processed but packed with flavor thanks to the world of spices.

Diane Noyes

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Cool Beans Foods

Cool Beans Foods

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